He made another car

He made another car

  • it's open mike in Ferndale and Royal Oak gotta take some pictures.

  • All my current crushes are female bartenders and I don't even drink. What's up with that.

  • My love for cougars gonna make me a childish childless stepdad.

  • I have a big ass crush on 3 older white women there is more but 3 main ones.

  • You learn how you feel about someone not when there there with you but when they are not there.

  • Nigga please, how you gonna say I ain't no Lo-headCause my Dior got me more model headI'm insulted, you should go 'headAnd bow so hard until your knees hit your foreheadAnd the flow just hit code redTop 5 MCs, you ain't gotta remind meTop 5 MCs:

    you gotta rewind meI'm high up on the line, you could get behind meBut my head's so big you can't sit behind me

  • You remember when Kayne West was the best rapper

  • There is a Raid 2 I wonder if Mad Dogg comes back to life as a zombe martial artist.

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